Monday, February 15, 2010

Now I am back My God! Thank you...!.

Two years back I am at the state of Gratitude & Thanks giving to the almighty.

my heart is full of gratitude & happiness for what I have got and also what I have lost.

And something hit me & spoiled my heart in the name of love.

I have lost my SELF for something glittered that was not Gold

And at-last I started complaining.

Time to time my heart writhed and hurled in a hell like pain.

I lost everything.


My precious mother was lost.

I believed someone will take the form of my mother.

Fate stabbed me on my back.

I am cheated.

I have analyzed everything, realized what wrong was done at my part.

Ready to lose what dragged me backwards.

Now... I am back my God.

Thank you...

Thank you sooo much for giving me this state.

Thank you for everything you gave, even the pains , for I have learn t a lot from them.

You have made me powerful, from the power I had lost.

For I know...

You had emptied my hands in the past to place something Precious than before.

The only task is... I am going to find them very soon.

You had emptied my hands in the present for never placing something dangerous than now.

You just made me to realize with my experience, that nothing is permanent.

You have reminded me again for what I was born.

You have reminded me again for what I was made up like this.

You have reminded me again to give this world a lot.

I am back to work for you full fledged, as a Trust worthy, Brave Soldier.

I kneel down in my mind before you & pray...


Please.... make me remain in this state forever.

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  1.; You saved my day again.


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