Monday, September 21, 2009

The law of giving (Law Of Attraction)

Note: I dedicate this to my Princess whom, once gave me selfless & egoless love..!

Once upon a time, in the land of Savanna there lived a beautiful princess.
Now, this princess was no ordinary princess.
She was friendly and benevolent with every one she met.
She also knew she had a purpose.
Part of this purpose was to bestow gifts to the people in her country land, gifts to those who were willing enough to receive what she had to offer.
However, often those who received one of her treasures had a hard time recognizing their value.
You see, her gifts were meant to awaken something within them.
The princess knew her gifts may not be fully understood, but she kept on giving anyway, with the hope that she could make a difference.

Every Saturday, the princess enjoyed meandering through the majestic beauty of Savanna Land.
She would engage herself with nature, and connect with the beauty of her country.
The princess knew that one day she would be the Queen.
As she road Estancia, her horse, through the valley she felt unsure about what this would mean to her.
Would she be ready when the time came to lead her country?

Estancia seemed to be guiding the way that day.
After a few hours of meandering through the countryside they came upon a beautiful pristine lake.
This looked like a wonderful place for Estancia to fill herself with tender grass, and drink from the clear cool water.
The princess dismounted her horse, giving Estancia the freedom to graze. She found a perfect rock for sitting beside the lake's edge.
She began gazing into the lake's rippling shades of blue-green. The water seemed so very hypnotic.
It seemed to capture her senses, as she pondered her life purpose, and how she felt about herself deep down in her being.
She knew on the surface that her beauty was present as she gazed at her image in the water. But something seemed different.
She had never seen herself in quite the way this pool of light-filled water shared of her reflection.

Just then, the ripples in the water began to form an illumination of her presence.
She felt a part of her descending into the tepid water.
Thoughts about her self emerged as she relaxed by the waters edge. She remembered that she was a charitable princess.
She knew her heart was in the right place, and that she must always give of her heart regardless of how another received her kindness.
Being a princess somehow, at times, clouded her self-perspective. She had forgotten how very special she was, and that she was to also give herself the gifts of her purpose.
She was to use them to create much pleasure and joy in her life.
Yes, this was something she had forgotten.

As she gazed into this deep pool of water, mesmerized by its intoxicating movement, a reverie took physical form in the water and seemed to float before her eyes.
She saw herself a few months prior riding Estancia in the country.
During this journey she met a young man who was in quandary. His plot of farming land was very small.
He needed to produce enough food on this small parcel to feed his family and friends.
As the princess questioned the farmer, she knew what she had to do.
She reached into her pouch and found the smallest of tomato seeds. She knew this was a gift that would multiply into a very worthy harvest.

As she gazed into the water, she recalled their conversation and what she shared with him.
She told him that he needed to treat the seed tenderly and place it delicately into the prepared soil.
Then, to make a wish guided by his heart and soul, as he created a clear intention for everyone around him, including himself, to hunger no more.
Next give thanks to the soil and the rains, for they are what quench the thirst and deliver nourishment.
Most of all, give thanks to the seed for having knowledge within it to trust its innate nature.
This is the very nature that allows the seed to produce a generous abundance of food for everyone.
The seed holds within it knowledge of its purpose.
Therefore, all that seek with an open heart will have their hunger abolished. Time will be a most rewarding friend.

The princess felt herself fall deeper into a trance like state as she recalled the country man's image and his reaction to her gift.
She remembered how he took the seed with eagerness and delight. A beautiful smile shined on his face and was reflected back to her.
Somehow she could sense that he knew she was speaking truth.
Although he had planted in this small plot of soil before, he had never realized this as a possibility.
Together they held a vision of trust and belief, even in the presence of a doubt here and there.

Now, the ripples in the water began to hesitate for a moment...the luminous reflection seemed to form into another image.
It was drawn into the ethers of light. In this deep state the princess recaptured a scene from when she was much younger.
She was full of life questions.
In her bedroom, she was getting ready to attend a celebration.
Many were coming to share of the festive occasion.
It was Mother-Earth Day, a day for connecting with joy and love.
But deep down her feelings lead her to a place within where she was unsure why she was born a princess.
Why was she surrounded by so many, and still she felt an incredible loneliness inside? Even through her continual giving, she still felt alone.
This loneliness moved deeply inside her whole being, a loneliness that said, will I ever find that part of me that knows who I really am?

Within a flash of the moment this reflection soon faded and merged into another scene. This time the princess was sitting upon a stump in the woods talking with a tree frog. The tree frog was telling her a wonderful story about how he listened to the clouds at night.
The clouds shared what they saw during their travels with the wind.
He giggled excitingly because he knew that everyone loved it when he sang. For then it meant the rains were coming to bring life to the gardens.
Again he laughed, because the clouds were who told him of the rains.
Yet everyone thought he was magic.
He told the princess of his relationship with nature, and how all things are connected. He also shared the wisdom that when you are open to possibility you will never be alone.

Again the luminous essence that was reflecting each image changed into yet another form. This time the princess felt her breath expanding into her chest filling her with excitement.
She dared not break her gaze.
Before her eyes, yes right in front of her, she saw a beautiful Goddess.
Her heart glimmered upon her majestic gown.
Colors were swirling around her.
The Goddess somehow knew the princess, and somehow the Goddess understood her pain and loneliness.
It was mirrored to the princess through her eyes.
Suddenly the reflection of the Goddess began to speak to her.

"Oh, my dear one, I have waited so long for you to know me.
I am within you and I am that which you have forgotten.
I am that part of you who is never alone, for I am your center.
I am your power.
I am your light that exists alongside the darkness.
I am that part of you who connects to miracles and magic.
I am the part of you who has many non-visible friends."

The princess felt as though she was hearing the truth about who she was for the first time in her life. ]
She felt so deeply connected to this swirling, colorful, beautiful image.

Her face was radiant with light as the Goddess continued speaking, "When you forget of me, as I am sure you will, ask to see my reflection.
You may see it in another's eye as they turn within toward light and knowledge.
Or you may see how a shadow, such as loneliness can lead us to discover how to ask, so that we can therefore receive.
It is the asking dear one, which connects you again to the vastness within.
This vastness is my home within you.
I am a part of you dear one, and I am always present, even when the sun does not shine. Just ask to feel me in your heart, and you will never be alone again. For in this vastness, this darkness that is full, I connect to all that is."

It seemed like time was standing still, as the princess listened to the Goddess share her wisdom. And the princess could feel herself beginning to merge with the swirling colors that surrounded the Goddess.

The Goddess continued sharing.
"Remember the farmer who expected to receive?
My dear, remember that you also can expect to receive.
The Gods will always answer.
At times in your life journey you will doubt yourself.
Perhaps this is how miracles hear you!
Continue to trust even when in doubt, and your purpose will always be revealed to you. It will most always show as a reflection. Sometimes it will reflect in the choices you make, or the beauty you see in another's eyes.
Sometimes it will be the darkness that lingers until the sun rises, again and reveals something new to you.
At other times it will be through the help you give, and the heart you wear so well.
My dear princess, continue on your journey throughout your country land.
Know that every movement you make, every breath that you take, I will be guiding you. Most important, expect to receive, and you always will."

Splash! Splash!
The princess was suddenly startled.
The frogs had come to bathe.
She looked up at the two green playful frogs and giggled shaking her head to bring her senses back into her body.
Although she was not fully present, a roar of laughter exploded from her lips.
She was filled with a sense of bliss as she experienced much delight watching the splashing playmates frolicking in the majestic water.
The Goddess was now just a swirl of color among the water's blue-green ripples and she soon vanished as quickly as her form had materialized.
The princess sat for a moment, as she embraced this newfound wisdom. Her senses felt alive and her heart so very full.
The thought of being alone in the world seemed like a fairytale.
She noticed that the sun was beginning to greet the horizon.

Just as surprising as the frogs' announcement of their presence she looked up to see the countryman she saw in her vision moments before.
From the horizon she saw him riding toward her.
As he approached she noticed the warm smile she had remembered.

"Good day Princess!" he exclaimed!
"Good day, you who wear your heart for all to see.
I have come with a gift to bestow upon you for honoring me with your trust.
My garden not only produced enough food for our family, but also many friends.
We hunger no more.
I present before you the most pleasant of surprises."

He stepped down from his horse and handed her a host of sweet fragrant flowers bearing every color of the rainbow.
"These flowers grew at the edges of my garden. See them with your own eyes.
Miracles are real," he said.
"Yes, Miracles are real.
Oh Princess, how can I ever thank you?"

The princess noticed that his eyes were twinkling and smiling.
"You just did!" the princess expressed as she took the flowers from his hand and smiled back at him.
"This day, I have so gloriously received!"

Hearty Thanx to.... the Author

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  1. It was very interesting for me to read the article. Thanks for it. I like such themes and anything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  2. It is very interesting for me to read that article. Thank author for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

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