Sunday, March 8, 2009

"All that happens is for Good"....!

A king once had a minister.

Whatever happened the misnister would say "All that happens is for good".

One day the king, minster and some of his men were getting ready to go to the forest for hunting.

At that time the king's son, who was a small boy came running with an apple and a knife.

He gave them to the king and said, "Dear father, please cut this apple for me".

The king took them from the child's hands and while cutting the apple, he cut his finger too! and the king cried in pain.

Two servants tied the cut finger with a piece of cloth. The minister was, however not worried, and he said in his usual one "All that happens is for good O King, don't worry".

The king was enraged at his words.

"How can a wound be of good? Hang this foolish minister this evening" the king ordered in a fit of rage.

The minister was put in a prison.

He again said, "All that happens is for good" the guards astonished at his calmness.

The king then went for hunting where he caught by some group of forest natives, they took him to their chief.

Actually the native foresters performing a sacrifice to please Goddess Kali, and they needed a perfect, healthy human being for the sacrifice.

Atlast the king was caught to be sacrified.

He trembled in fear.

The chief examined the king and noticed that he had cut his finger and wounded it.... thus he was imperfect.

Finally the king got his life saved because of a wound!!!

The king realised the meaning of the words, "All that happens is for good", told by his minister.

But unfortunately he ordered him to be hanged, so he rushed immediately to save his minister.

And by time he arrived it was evening, and the minister was about to get hanged any moment.

The king stopped the hanging and released him.

And asked for the ministers pardon, and narrated his experience with the forest natives.... and felt ashamed coz of his behaviour to hang him.

But again the minister said "that was also for good o king"

The king asked "HOW"?

Suppose if I had come with you for hunting, I would be sacrificed, for I was perfect and healthy. So, Your punishment made me stay here and escape death????

That is why "All that happens is for Good"....!

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  1. I've read before...nice to read again....
    anbudan aruna


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