Friday, June 25, 2010

An Amazing video of proof to the Nature's Intelligence - Cow operates handpump to drink water

Animals continue to amaze us with the level of intelligence they possess which is beyond our comprehension. Another example of it was displayed to Rishi one day when he was just driving through a village.

It was hot as ever and he saw a cow trying to drink water from a handpump on the village road. First he thought she was trying to lick away water which was dropping from the pump.
So he stopped to see what was going on.

To his amazement, she was operating the pump with her horns and then drinking water at the same time. She was using her head to push down the lever and when water flowed through the spout, she drank that water and kept repeating the exercise.

He shot a small video before doing anything. It is uploaded in Youtube.

Thanks Rishi.


really an example of Nature's Unlimited intelligence.

Of-course... It's a simple learned behavior by positive reinforcement.

Moreover, If we are in thirst of something or in search of something
Nature's intelligence comes for immediate help.

It had done this for me many times.

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