Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Great Secret about the SUPERMAN

Do you know why "CHRISTOPHER REEVE", was called as the REAL SUPERMAN???


After the Debilitating fall he Sufferred, while Horse Riding,
Broke his Spinal Cord & Neck, which caused him paralysed Below his Neck.
(The difference in the Physical Condition, between me and Reeve was that I have 2 HANDS working normal and I am Paralysed below my Chest)

Reeve faced the Challenge of his Fate with Courage and almost with Vengeance and he proved to be the World's Real SUPERMAN.

Because Reeve found the strength to use his tragedy to help others after facing this devastating life blow, there were many who came to believe that Reeve really was Superman.

Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton eloquently described this in his Go Make A Life sermon:

"To see Reeve in a severely incapacitated state brought back memories of his famous acting roles as Superman and Clark Kent.

Memory told me that Reeve could leap tall buildings with a single bound as Superman.

Also, I saw Christopher Reeve as a gem of an investigative reporter...

Admittedly, Superman was make-believe...

I concluded that Christopher Reeve is Superman, right here, right now...

Reeve shows us the power, the possibilities and the results of a fierce and persistent commitment to growth and development.

With God's help, Reeve is Superman because:

1. He survived the horse riding accident and challenged himself physically during countless months of painful physical therapy.

2. Because he remained committed to his role as a loving husband and doting father

3. Because he kept hope alive in the face of injury and paralysis that can destroy all hope-in the face of having to depend on his wife and many others to feed, wash, change, move and carry him to the doctor.

4. Because he came to the conclusion that God still had something for him to do...

So, Christopher Reeve turned his focus away from his paralysis and began figuring out how he could live afresh.

Reeve decided that a lot of people might like to hear his story.

Instead of limiting the communication of his story to letters, books and videos subject to edit, Reeve chose the lecture circuit.

That meant showing up in public, allowing the public to gawk at his incapacity, talking about his condition and sharing lessons learned.

Thus, Christopher Reeve has become Superman for real."

Hearty Thanx to....

The Eye watering similarity between me and Reeve was...
"His Death Day &
My BirthDay was same"

That is OCTOBER 10.


  1. WoW....Nice to know!...I was not knowing this....This was an information to me.Thanx Antony!
    I believe that God has something for you to do in store!
    anbudan aruna


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