Friday, February 20, 2009

A Single Golden Thread By Jules

Consider for a moment an ant colony and how the colony of ants functions and you may well begin to notice the similarities between this eco-system and the human brain and how our thoughts affect the quantum dynamic.

Each ant is on an individual mission of it’s own, but at the same time, it could be said that if a number of ants join together, they are all on individual missions and a new joint mission at the same time.

Whether they are working alone or in a combined group, their actions are for the greater good of the collective consciousness of the colony.

This may have been called a paradox in the past, but in a new quantum world, we are asked to comprehend a Universe of unlimited possibilities where individual quantum particles are able to appear in multiple locations at the same time.

So how does this relate to the human/huwoman brain?

When we have a thought, our brains fire a neuron across the neural network and make connections much in the same way as an ant might leave the colony and report back a source of food, etc. In both cases, a path is mapped and this path is strengthened every time the same thought/mission is replayed.

Neurons may collide and join with other neurons to form new neural pathways, but similar to the ants, they are both on individual and joint missions at the same time.

If we begin to consider the macro dynamic, we could conclude that our thoughts are projected outward into the Universe as a stream of consciousness with a definite purpose, but what begins to happen when a multitude of these streams with a common interest join forces?

One could imagine that this new super-stream may be capable of forging far greater quantum pathways across the Universe which in turn would increase the chances of a shift in the quantum dynamic. It would quite literally, change reality.

Quantum physics states that the observer in any experiment has a direct affect on the outcome but in terms of our individual and collective consciousness stream, can we change the word observer for the word intention?

If our collective intentions are focused in a particular direction, then surely, the Universe will interpret this on a quantum level and our reality will be created according to our intentions.

I guess my point is that if we are intent on raising global consciousness, we must all be clear what reality we are going to manifest for ourselves from the outset.

Without clear intention on our part, the Universe may have trouble interpreting the message. It could appear like 7 billion badly tuned radios all broadcasting at the same time.

So what do we want for our reality? What do we really, really, want?


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Hearty Thanx to.... Jules


  1. So what do I want for reality? What do I really, really, want?
    I've started thinking....
    anbudan aruna

  2. And, there is more detail, and some videos to explain this, at,

    Thank you for your insight!


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