Friday, April 4, 2008

I received the ray of hope from.....

Helen Keller the great star was born as a normal child but lost her sense of hearing and sight due to severe sickness.

The super lady wrote 13 books and hundreds of articles in spite of her disability.

Helen was the first deaf and blind woman of the world to graduate from college.

Life history of Helen Keller played an important role in stimulating my inspiration and remained as a tool of constant motivation.

There are barriers in my life but that will be swept away in time, like Helen Keller's barriers were swept away by her teacher.... Ms. Anne Sullivan.

I do have well wishers around me who will guide me to break away those barriers.

I salute you Ms. Anne Sullivan


  1. Again an inspiring post!
    See "BLACK" movie and you will be inspired by Amitab bachchan and Rani mukherjee too.
    anbudan aruna


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