Sunday, March 23, 2008

Whatever happened...,

"Whatever happened,
it happened well.

Whatever is happening,
it is happening well.

Whatever will happen,
it will also happen well.

What of yours did you lose?

Why or for what are you cryingWhat are you crying for?: I was the one hit by the truck?

What did you bring with you,
for you to lose it?

What did you create,
for it to be wasted or destroyed?

Whatever you took,
it was taken from here.

Whatever you gave,
it was given from here.

Whatever is yours today,
will belong to someone else tomorrow.

On another day,
it will belong to yet another.

This change is the law of the universe."



  1. Hats off Anthonymuthu.
    Keep Growing.
    best wishes.

  2. Real heroes make real difference.

    You are a real hero.

  3. சுவாமி,

    பகவத் கீதை ரொம்ப நன்னா சொல்லியிருக்கேள்... ஏதோ உபந்யாசம் பன்றாபோல இங்கிலீஷிலே சொல்றேல்

    ரொம்ப சந்தோஷம்.

    நிங்க க்ஷேமாம இருக்கனும்னு வேண்டிக்கிறேன்.

    என் சுரேஷ்

  4. My favourite quote!Hope this must be more or less everyone's favourite quote.Like a water falls this inspires me everytime I read...and wish u the same
    anbudan aruna

  5. very good
    god bless you

    with lots of love & prayer



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